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The Benefits of Our Professional Management Team

  • Collect monthly dues, special assessments, fees, fines and all other monies for and in the name of the association.
  • Monitor the collection of late dues, write delinquent letters to owners and work with attorney on legal matters requiring a lien and/or foreclosure.
  • Pay all pertinent bills, such as water, sewer, garbage, electricity, maintenance and any others authorized by the board.
  • Prepare monthly and year-end statements with copies sent to designated board members. Such documents include monthly activity statement, year to-date with respect to budget and year-end revenue/expense report.
  • Help in preparing annual budget, reserve accounts and annual audit.
  • Help in preparing IRS tax statement.
  • Attend Board meetings at least quarterly or at the specific request of the board to discuss concerns and further projects of the association.
  • Meet with committees to discuss progress and any problems related to special projects and everyday operations.
  • Attend associations’ annual meeting to answer questions concerning any project and/or regular operations.
  • Send out meeting notices and minutes to all owners.
  • Be available to any owner if there are questions or concerns about association business.
  • Help prepare specifications,  receive bids for all aspects of association operations, meeting with the appropriate committee to discuss same and present to board.
  • Supervise all association contractors to insure a professional performance and quality of job.
  • Act as an adviser to the association for any special needs such as rewriting documents, reviewing insurance policies, architecture review, reserve analysis, etc.
  • Drive-by inspections, reporting any irregularities to the board.